Art Work 1 .    江心靜當代水墨 / 無盡藏 The Big Blue / 2017 /  178 x 96.5 cm / Ink&Color on paper   The Big Blue    The rain soaks into the soil then trickles down to the ocean. The sea spray rears like horses then slaps against the rocks in an echoing symphony. The energy of the earth, softened by water when the snow melts in spring, the waterfall in summer, the red leaves of autumn, the rising mist in winter, shape the endless seasons.  I uses multiple techniques from contemporary Chinese ink painting to create a modern depiction of oriental philosophy. The semi-abstract imagery is a quiet space for meditation. A pleasurable journey from the eyes to the heart unifying sense and sensibility. It is an escape from the digital age taking us back to nature to converse with ancient philosophers who live beyond time. To contemplate the oneness of humankind and nature is to enjoy freedom of the spirit.
 Art Work 2.    江心靜當代水墨 /  只是冰山一角 The tip of an Iceberg / 2017 /  178 x 96.5 cm / Ink&Color on paper   The tip of an Iceberg   I am an iceberg. The world is only seen as the tip of an iceberg. What is real is sunk below sea level beyond the reach of our imagination yet it is worth exploring deeper. You are also an iceberg. We only encounter each other above the surface. Our true selves are a dark and silent world under the water. Hidden emotions and aspirations remain uncomprehended, competing with each other, to attract, assess and influence. This intense subconscious exchange is the real relationship.  Through the use of modern ink and water technology, the artist probes the psychology of Iceberg Theory creating a contemporary visual dialogue. The tip of the iceberg above the water is the facade of character. The vast ice beneath is the true world of the inner self. It contains not only radiant jewels, but also shadowy traumas. These mingle awkwardly with only a tiny proportion showing above the surface. Only the tip of the iceberg.
 Art Work 3.    江心靜當代水墨 / 藍色空間-1  Blue Space - 1 / 2017 /  96×178 cm  / Ink&Color on paper
 Art Work 4.    江心靜當代水墨 / 藍色空間-2  Blue Space - 2 / 2017 /  96×178 cm  / Ink&Color on paper   Blue Space   Blue glass, silent at furthest edge, voices of waves and birds, say a soft goodbye to a peaceful apparition. In cool space, a piano rises and falls with ocean currents, dancing to the world's deep rhythm towards home. A light shines, quietly eager, slowly surrounded by the gentle darkness. Wonderful solitude, total freedom, only feeling, no need to think. But the new vision is familiar, there is no new language to learn, no tears, no pain. Releasing all intensity. Return to the blue space.  Using diverse techniques of modern ink, this contemporary image touches upon the idea that all life on Earth began in the ocean. Surrounded by a lattice of caves, the sea is rich in plankton, surging with the current. Life emerges unpredictably from the hidden mysteries of the blue space.
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